Two Ads That Did Well for John’s Marketing Guide for Programmers

Since Reddit originally started out as a community for programmers, I knew that Reddit would be a good fit for advertising since there would be a large number of sub-Reddit’s to cover.
Though I ran a number of ads for John, here are two of my favourites: With these ads I simply followed the strategy I have taught you already:
*Turn off comments. We don’t need the drama*Approach the headline in a friendly way rather than seeming to be overly-advertising on the site*Use an image that would catch the eye of your category (code, matrix-style for programmers)
Now, these two headlines are quite similar.
Just from those two headlines do you want to take a guess which one performed the best? Stop reading. Actually make a guess.
Picked one?
The second one, but only by a small margin. I think it worked better because Reddit is so full of posts where individuals talk about themselves that this was just another example of that, but in ad form. For both ads the number one sub-Reddit I targeted was /r/Compsci (short for computer science). Both ads achieved more than a 1% CTR which is pretty huge from what I can tell from my Reddit testing.
Just to reiterate, CTR stands for Click Through Rate so that’s 1 out of every 100 people who saw the ad, clicked on it. I have no doubt that figure could also be improved, but it shows the power of picking the right categories. In some sub-Reddits those ads only received a 0.3% CTR (even though it was the exact same ad!)
Hopefully you’ve learned quite a bit about Reddit ads from this module. Okay, now we are ready to wrap it all up. This was the plan that we began with. As you see, we’ve gone through the game player, which is you. We’ve looked at your passions, your strengths and weaknesses, and your wealth profile.
We’ve looked at the game strategy, which is you planning the dive and then diving the plan using the law of attraction, having a look at the science behind creation, understanding that the key is the information. We had a quick look at the Paretoprincipal, then really dove into financial intelligence. These are the fundamentals.
And we looked at the tools, which is project planning, executing tasks, sort of taking strategic next actions. Then we looked at how to now actually use all that to create and leave the dream life, looked at how to connect your strengths to your wealth profile and your passions to create abundance on all levels.
Then we looked at outsourcing and delegating, or rather, how to work a lot less and earn a lot more. And then, just for an example, we looked at how to easily create an information product based on your strengths and how to profit from that.
So now, let’s wrap it all up, and put it all together, and see how it all fits. Now, how do the pieces of puzzle fit together? You have the foundations, and in the foundations is the law of attraction and the science of creation.

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