Things You Need To Do During The Eviction Process

This is going to centre more on the landlord’s point of view. In order to ensure that the eviction is successful there are some things you need to do. Apart from hiring an attorney and following the guidelines as per your city, county or state, there are some safeguards you can perform to help you get an added advantage.

These things can actually be summarized in one action, documentation. Always ensure that you document everything when dealing with the tenant that needs to be evicted. This is regardless of whether the tenant chooses to go to trial or not. Always make sure to take photos of the area in question, make sure you collect documents that show that you received maintenance claims and that they were performed.

You should also have a copy of the lease agreement that has highlighted points that you feel the tenant didn’t do/ failed to follow. In addition, you could keep a written record of the conversations you have with the tenant. Be sure to log the date, time and the location. All this will serve as evidence in your favor whilst in court. Instead, you could choose to work with a property management firm that has stress free property management, Southgate, MI professionals that can handle the eviction process for you. 

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