The Fungus Cancer Sunlight Connection

Microzymes, or microzymas are small moving particles which are indestructible and pervasive, in accordance with Pasteur's rival, Antoine Bechamp. They form the foundation for several living tissues in plants, animals and humans and, as Bechamp discovered, they're also the origin that bacteria spring forth, that may destroy the body through illness and disease.

Royal Raymond Rife, like Bechamp before him, also unearthed that bacteria and viruses are pleomorphic, that viruses can break apart into bacteria-sized particles to pass through otherwise impermeable membranes, and then keep coming back together once again. Rod shaped bacteria, Bechamp found, could change form into spheroid and other shapes, with respect to the requirements of the local environment.

At first Pasteur refused to admit the truth of those observations and deductions, however Madame Victor Henri of the Pasteur Institute found confirmation that Bechamp was right in 1914. Pasteur stubbornly refused to budge until, on his deathbed, he finally confessed: "Bernard is right. The microbe is nothing. The environment is all important." Recently, a book has been launched on fungus destroyer; you can online look for fungus destroyer book review and get a brief account on fungus infections and it cure.

Claude Bernard, a French physiologist who died in 1878, believed in a cause and effect relationship between deadly germs, infectious microbes, and the inner terrain or environment of the body. Only when the internal terrain was defective in some way, Bernard and later Bechamp believed could these organisms, ever-present in even the healthiest people, take control, causing sickness, ill-health and finally death.

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