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How To Decorate A Baby Room

Baby bedroom is a place where he is going for sleep more than 16 hours a day .Let us discuss how to discover baby room.

COLOUR OF BEDROOM  :Always choose the soft and moderate Color for the bedroom of baby like light baby pink ,light  blue etc. Never choose the dark  color  for the baby bedroom because baby visual nerve is still in the  introductory  development.  It is suitable to neglect unnecessary stimulation

Air ventilation: As we know that baby is so sensitive so pay high attention to air ventilation .Never put the baby pen near the window because it effect the health of the baby also near the air conditioner.

LIGHTNING: The lighting of the baby room should be soft and comfortable ,soft lighting will be applied in the day time this will  keep the baby in the enthusiastic mood for fun and amusement while in the night he light should be dim and low because this is the best time for sleeping

Baby Playpen & Bassinet: About 74% of the bassinets had blankets, pillow and plastic bag with them so when talking about the  baby play pen and bassinet safety play an important role.Click Here click here for more information

Baby music mobile: A calm and peaceful mood  is always needed for the baby to get asleep .Keep the baby music mobile in the play pen it is a good advice for the baby sleep.

Bedding items:  It is suggested to keep the bedding  surrounding area neat and clean ,clean the bedding pillow, quilt, bed sheet and most of all the little plush toy in the baby pan.

Research have come into conclusion that safety and clean environment  for the baby should always be there to keep them healthy.