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How To Test The Water In A Home You Are Considering Purchasing

If you are purchasing a new home and have noticed that the water doesn't taste as good as you would like or have noticed that the current homeowners use bottled water, you may have to look into installing a water softener for the new property.  When it comes to determining whether you will need a water softener and water filtration system or not, the first step is determining the overall quality of the water.  There are a number of easy instant test kits that you can pickup at your local hardware store to do this or in some instances your home inspector may also be able to get the water tested.  When it comes to choosing the best water softener for a home, there are a few things you must consider, such as the water usage in the home and the overall quality of the water.

You should also keep in mind that while a water softener is a good first step in vastly improving most municipal or well water, you may also have to install a water filtration system as well.  Also you should keep in mind that while the job of the home inspector is to find major structural or mechanical problems with your new home, in many cases they will overlook the water.  If you are able to determine that the water quality in the home you are looking at purchasing is sub-par and will require the installation of a water softener or whole house water filtration system, that can be especially advantageous to a buyer.  In some cases you can either ask for a discount off the purchase price of the home or ask that the current homeowner remedy the problem before you close on the home.  Even if you end up having to pay for the installation and water softener yourself, in the long run you will be far better off.