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Air Cleaning Ionize Machine for Dander Control

Cat allergen, the allergy-causing material from cats, doesn't come from the cat's hair but from a protein found in the dander and saliva of cats.

Studies have shown there are an estimated 6 million Americans who are allergic to cats. About one third of these people live with cats in their homes while suffering allergic reactions. A sign of cat allergy can range from inflammation of the nose and eyes to asthma attacks. Although the most effective treatment is removal of the pet, recent scientific studies have shown that steps can be taken in homes with cats to significantly decrease one’s exposure to cat allergen. This is one reason why ionize air cleaners are so popular on your TV infomercials.

There are other things you can do to lessen the cat dander circulating in your home. Of course, addressing the air and surfaces of your home is the first step. Secondly, there are some fantastic products like air purifiers or vacuums created to lessen the amount of dander your pet releases into your environment. Keeping your pet well groomed can also assist with controlling the amount of protein released to circulate.

You can learn more about pet and cat allergies and the effects the dander has on those with allergic reactions. By reviewing these pet care products you can better understand ways for helping in the reduction of this protein in your home and on your pet. If you are already cleaning the air with an Ionize machine, or other air cleaning device, also try some great products to help reduce the known allergen…before you give up your pet or cat!

One of the very important products to consider is getting a reliable vacuum cleaner, especially pet hair vacuum. This is because those vacuums are specially design for pet hair removal and hence it’s very effective when dealing with cat or dog hairs.

There are various types of cleaners that you can choose and each of them has their own pros and cons. Depending on your house floorings and how many pets you own, you can choose a more powerful uprights or canister instead on small cleaners like handheld and stick vacuums.