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Steampunk Fashion A Quick & Easy Guide

The genre of Steampunk is so popular that you may have often heard of at some point of time. From its decent arrival as a genre, Steampunk has evolved as very popular philosophy, subculture, Steampunk fashion and the way of life. The inspired items of Steampunk costume are visible commonly in both mainstream media and high street retailers.

The origin of the movement dates back to around 30 years ago. This literary genre stems from cyberpunk. The books are often distinguished with the fact that it was set in the generation where steam technology was the only source of power, but with futuristic touches and fantastic elements. People have often invented steam powered machines to aloe long distance communications and time travel.

From these literature works, the ideas and themes soon started to infiltrate various forms of media and fans added elements in daily lives. These machines inspired people to create their own and underground style dressed up in fashion of characters. The subculture started developing from the original concepts which are portrayed in literature.

In this subculture, the crucial theme can be described with the concept of retro technology. The participants tried to apply this concept to their daily life with steampunk clothing, media, philosophy and home décor.