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Importance of Paper Lanterns in Europe

Cultures from all around the world embrace the beauty and simplicity of paper lanterns by making them a part of festivals and parades. Most people would assume that the Asian origin of the lanterns would restrict their place in festivals in Asian countries, but they are found even in Europe. People in countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Italy use paper lanterns extensively in events they hold. Some of them use the lanterns as an integral part of the festivals.

In Germany, the lanterns are used in celebrating St. Martin’s day, a Catholic festival where a parade featuring children holding handmade lanterns takes place. In Italy, a folklore festival takes place every year in the city of Florence where children roam the streets showing off the colorful designs of the paper lanterns. The international and cultural effect of the lanterns is not to be underestimated, and the lanterns continue to be widely popular in countries all around world today. For Europe, the lanterns are a key part of a large number of different festivals found throughout the continent. These attractive Paper lanterns really do play a large part in human culture, and their beauty is definitely not lost but honored by all those who witness them.