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The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai was also known in the ancient form was known as 'The art of eight limbs'.

The reason for the ancient name comes from the fact that the fighter could use legs, hands, knees and elbows, so it was known as the art of eight limbs.

The key to Muay Thai is to have the right strength and conditioning resulting in a well-balanced and solid strength base.

Delivering Muay Thai Skills through Foundation

The focus must always be on total-body strength plus speed and power output.

Muay Thai is a different skill-set to many of the other martial arts, you need to train a fighter to land accurate rapid blows, to be explosive and agile.  However, this explosiveness is not a slugfest, the art of Muay Thai is control, temperament and rhythm, with patience to look for openings, in which they must capitalize in the flash of an eye.

Cardiovascular training is crucial in Muay Thai, conditioning is king, as in a sport where you are using arms and legs, it is very normal for people to burn out quickly, and so intensive cardio training is the fabric of a successful fighter's DNA.

The way a fighter is trained is to ensure all the power and energy whether it is from a punch, kicks, elbow or knee is coming from using the ground and the energy moves up through the body to deliver heavy force and rotation in order to keep balance after the move. Rotation is critical when throwing kicks and balance is all-important as body weight is transferred. 

Here is a standard warm-up practice for a Muay Thai fighter:

Intense Warm Up:

100 – Sky jumps

20 – Skips (for each leg) 

30 – Stretch kicks (involves standing in one place while outstretching the leg while continuously maintaining balance)

40 – Seconds of groins stretches.

There are many ways to train for Muay Thai, start by clicking here if you are interested in taking it up in Melbourne.