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Things You Must Know About Tarot Cards And Their Designs

There are some people who are interested to know what the future may hold for them to help them prepare for what will happen. They want to learn if they are going to be lucky or unlucky in certain aspects of their life such as relationships, family, work or business. This could be known by letting people who are practicing divination arts read their fortunes.

There are many methods to read the fortune of a person such as reading the palms of an individual or using crystal balls. You may even visit a tarot San Diego practitioner which uses playing cards with images on them to tell you what your future is. They interpret the pieces they have drawn based also on the sequence they appeared.

These practitioners are offering their services of reading the fortune for those people who have the interest of knowing them. But remember their predictions are not one hundred percent accurate and might just help you prepare for the possibilities. Although, due to their tendencies of predicting the future of their clients, many believe of their authenticity.

There is no hard evidence with their effectiveness or accuracy because the results of their clients vary greatly. Believing in them usually do not have any negative effects although caution is always advised to those who have their fortunes read. Because over reliance on these predictions may result with the person being complacent and relying everything to chance or fate.

There are also different tarot cards depending on the place they are being used but it generally have the same number of pieces in a deck. These are then categorized into two which are called major and minor arcana or greater and lesser secrets. The first category are also called trump cards which has twenty two pieces without suits.

Each of them have specific names such as the High Priestess, Magician, Emperor, Empress, Lovers, Hierophant, Strength, Chariot, Hermit and Wheel of Fortune. Others are also called the Hanged Man, Justice, Death, Devil, Temperance, Moon, Start, Sun, World, Judgment or the Fool. The twenty one cards are numbered in Roman numerals while the Fool card is not and could be placed first or last.

The second category has fifty six cards and are divided into four suits with each one have fourteen pieces, with ten of them being numbered while the other four are court ones. Those latter pieces are the Jack, Knight, Queen and King in each suit which are traditionally known as cups, coins, wands and swords. In modern times though, they may be called differently.

The decks have also different designs with others only having simple and repetitive motifs on each piece. While others have full and detailed illustrations that usually depict a scene that is based on the number of that card. Those with images depicted on them are the ones more popularly used by tarot practitioners.

This is because these cards with illustrations helps them interpret easier what the future of their client might be. It also helps in illustrating to the person what may happen to them with the images. This gives a sense of realism to the readings.