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Add oolong tea in your diet to lose weight

Oolong tea is widely used to lose the weight. However, this is true that oolong tea is not as famous the green tea. But, of course, oolong tea is as beneficial to lose the weight as green tea. Oolong tea increases the metabolism and also increases the fat burning process.

The 3 week diet Brian Flatt also suggests that oolong tea can bring promising results in terms of weight loss process. You must include oolong tea in your diet plan to lose the weight. Let’s see how oolong tea can help you to lose the weight:

Studies have found that oolong tea is very good to increase the metabolism. Oolong tea contains the antioxidants and antioxidants are vital to increase the metabolism. Therefore, oolong tea can increase the metabolic rate and you must drink oolong tea to give a boost to your metabolic rate.

In addition to increasing the metabolic rate, oolong tea is also very good to burn the fats. Since oolong tea is loaded with the antioxidants, therefore, it is also very much helpful in burning the fats. Antioxidants work as a catalyst to burn the fats.

All in all, you must drink at least three cups of oolong tea in a day to lose the weight.

Eat high-protein foods to lose weight

Including a lot of proteins into your diet plan is always a wise option. A lot of studies have shown that people who eat more proteins than the carbs tend to lose more weight. This concept was not valuable some years ago but the latest research has shown that proteins are also good to lose weight.

If your diet plan is consisting more of the low-carb food, then you must read a 3 week diet review and see whether you can include more proteins in your food or not. People usually think that high protein foods are also high in calories but they do not know that high protein foods aid in weight loss.

High protein foods aid in weight loss

This is for sure that increasing the number of proteins will definitely help in the weight loss process. The reason is that proteins are not stored in the shape of fats in the body. Proteins do not contain the carbs and body cannot store them as fats.

Proteins restrict the insulin levels

Another benefit of eating a lot of proteins is that proteins restrict the insulin levels. As proteins do not contain the carbs and these are not converted into the glucose by the body. As a result, the body does not release the insulin and proteins are not stores in the shape of fats.