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Dance classes enable you to learn proper breathing techniques

Most dance lessons for kids would teach students how to breathe properly while doing the dance exercises. These breathing exercises taught by the dance teacher can enhance flexibility and proper breathing techniques while you perform or do dance exercises.

Here are some ways to help you develop proper breathing techniques:

Breathing while doing dance steps

Proper breathing is an important part of dancing. This element is at par with posture rhythm, gravity and centering in importance.

Breathing control while dancing

This means dancing without any discomfort. If you would start to experience any sort of difficulty, then it could be due to several reasons:

  1. Not being able to change your rate at which you breathe at a comfortable level while dancing and the second reason may be due to
  2. Not breathing properly using the chest

In breathing control, you would need to determine if your natural breathing rate. In order to know your exact rate of breathing, walk quickly and count the number of steps it takes for you to inhale and the number of steps it takes for you to exhale.

A teacher may ask you to change your breathing rate. If it takes five steps to inhale and seven to exhale, then increase that rate to seven and nine respectively. Then try decreasing it to three and five.


Students must try to change the tempos of their breathing when they are dancing so they can practice breathing control and focus. This is essential for your exercise in dance lessons.