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Spray Painting Tips And Guidelines

Melbourne, Australia has been a street artists’ haven since 1990. The Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane are two of the most famous streets that have graffiti art. A few years back these lanes were getting a complete makeover but then graffiti artists in Melbourne stood up and started making new art over the painted walls.

Courtesy-Yahoo News

Professional graffiti artists use spray paints to make the wall murals and throw-up pieces. If you want to spray paint like a professional, read the guidelines below.

  • Most the details regarding its durability, temperature and application. Take out a minute and read the spray can before buying.
  • Move your spray paint in a horizontal and vertical direction instead of pointing as this may lead to an uneven distribution of paint.
  • As an alternative to the regular newspaper, try using a drop cloth or large plastic.
  • Use a handle to hold your spray can instead of holding it directly in your hand. With an adjustable handle you can reach spaces with ladders or platforms.
  • Always start with a pattern test, this gives you a durability report and how the material holds up the paint.
  • Never be afraid to try new techniques, experiment with new methods. This gives you a unique style and it separates you from the rest of the crowd.
  • Before starting to paint, make sure that your surface is smooth. Sand it and apply a coat of primer for flawless results.

With all this tips and guidelines for becoming a pro at spray painting, make sure you stay safe and use proper masks for better air.