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Do Men Suffer Gallbladder Symptoms And How Can They Be Treated Naturally?

Gallbladder symptoms are not gender specific problems. Both men and women suffer from the malady equally and they both have the same reasons for their suffering. Their diet is the main reason for the formation of gallstones and the subsequent gall bladder pain. This organ is attached to the liver and it stores or contains the bile until the small intestine has a need for it. Then the liquid bile is moved through a small duct to the small intestine to go to work helping in the digestion of fat. There are other foods besides fatty foods that will cause complications with gallstones. Meats, coffee, nuts, pork, eggs, Brussels sprouts, and oranges will all cause problems with this condition. Spicy foods are also often the culprit of pain that is experienced by people with gallstones. You also need to avoid alcohol and avoid all foods and drinks with caffeine in them. Chocolate can also cause you to experience pain. Consider this natural method for getting rid of gallbladder pain.

Gallstones can often remain in the gallbladder and cause no problems. Sometimes, however they will get lodged in the ducts and block the flow of bile. The common bile duct can also get blocked from moving bile from the other ducts to the intestine. When the ducts become blocked a number of problems can arise and cause other symptoms to develop. Sufferers will experience episodes of severe pain in the abdomen. This pain can spread to the back and be very uncomfortable. If bile becomes trapped in the ducts inflammation can occur in the gallbladder, the ducts and sometimes the liver. Sometimes stones that are moving along the common bile duct can cause inflammation of the pancreas. This is a very uncomfortable and painful condition that can also become quite dangerous. If the ducts stay blocked for too long, infection can easily develop in the liver, gallbladder or pancreas. Find out more about this common heath problem and remedies here.