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Minimum Investment For E2 Investor Visa

The popular non-immigrant visa is the e2 treaty investor visa which is a special visa for the foreign entrepreneurs. This investor visa is the visa which allows the individual to enter and work in the United States of America. It is totally based on the investment which is going to be made by the entrepreneur. This investment helps in boosting the overall economy of USA. E2 investor visa minimum investment amount has no set limit but the minimum amount should be $1500. Otherwise, it is not possible to do the business. Depending on the type of business, the amount of investment may vary.

This visa is issued to the entrepreneurs of the country with which the USA has entered into the trade of commerce and navigation. This visa was developed with the motive to enhance the economy of USA. If the business is not successful than entrepreneur will have to shut down the business and return back to their country without the termination of visa.

However, visa can be renewed after every two years. The focus of the investor is to make the business profitable instead of focusing on the amount of investment. E2 investor visa enables only to person to work but doesn’t give the permanent residency of the United States.