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Moscow Mules have had a huge revival in the last few years. It seems like they are seen everywhere, especially as the weather gets warmer. Copper mugs are stacked up in bars and homes all over the country waiting to be filled with wonderful brews.

The drink is easy to make, but there are a few tricks that can take it to the next level. First, let’s talk about the copper mug situation. Traditionally, a Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug. To get copper mugs at best prices by visiting at http://classicmules.com/.



The most important element of the copper mug is temperature control. The metal gets cold quickly from the drink and passes that super-chilled effect onto the lips. It’s a great feeling that glass just can’t do. 

If you’re drinking them outside, the metal will guard your drink from the sun, insulating it a bit from the direct heat, and the copper handle keeps your hand off the drink so your body heat doesn’t transfer.

Some people claim they can actually taste a difference when Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs, but for me it’s more about tradition and temperature. The cocktail itself only has a few ingredients, but the ice is important. Try to use crushed ice, which chills the drink quickly.