Strategies To Stop Pop-Ups

Popups are the windows that appear automatically in parallel to your browser window, when you visit a brand new site. They are the promotional advertising from the website. Generally, we are not interested to see them. Consequently, they become the most irritating part of visiting a brand new site. Moreover, you would like to stop the pop ups without your permission. Otherwise they'll keep appearing on the screen.

Pop-ups reduce your internet access speed by taking half of the bandwidth, as they themselves are single browser windows. They can be even more irritating if you're using the dialup Internet connection, as they make it slower. Mentioned Below is some of the strategies to stop them.

Preventing pop-ups in different browsers

IE users must be thankful to Microsoft for this which provides personalized customer service. By default this option is disabled. You can follow the below given directions to change the settings. Always check out the functionality of every browser before installation. 

1. Open the Internet explorer.

2. Go to Tools.

3. Click on Internet options.

4. Then click on Privacy Tab.

5. In the pop-up blocker segment click on 'turn on pop-up blocker.'

6. You can go to pop-up blocker place settings to raise the blocking degree in order to block all appearing pop ups. 

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