Questions to Ask Your Machinery Maintenance Team

Machinery maintenance is vital to any facility that hopes to keep their suite of industrial equipment in optimal condition, maintain quality applications and solutions, and ensure safety in their workplace. As such, it is critical that the process be delegated only to a professional company that has a solid history of delivering excellent work. And if you need help in finding such a company, asking these questions is necessary.


How long have you been doing this?

Professional experience is a significant marker that communicates the competence of a company, so it is recommended that you know exactly how competent a team is before you commit to a contract with them. For good measure, your chosen company should have logged at least five years in their industry, so that you can be assured of the quality of craftsmanship that they offer. Additionally, look at the results that they have generated for their customers. It won’t do to have an experienced company that routinely provides shoddy work for their clients.


What kind of facilities have you serviced?

It is also important to gauge the specific skill sets that a company has, and for this reason, check your candidate’s portfolio. If their record of previous projects includes machinery maintenance or servicing for the kind of equipment that you have in your facility, you can better trust that they will do a good job with your requirements. This is not only because they know how to manage the technicalities that govern the upkeep of every equipment, it is also because they will be more familiar with the operational conditions and factors that should be managed well to ensure successful results.


How do you stay educated amidst changes in the industry?

A commitment to staying up-to-date with continuing education is also important. This is especially true for industries that experience various updates to existing methodologies or operational guidelines. A company that goes out of their way to ensure that their team gets the right training when it is required is a company that you can trust to deliver not only quality results, but also safe results.


What product support programme do you offer?

Finally, check the extent of their product support. There are companies that do one-time maintenance, while there are others that provide personalised guidance for the creation of a comprehensive plan moving forward. In fact, some companies will do the scheduled servicing and maintenance of your equipment. Choose that which fits your exact needs.


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