Makeup Tips for Older Women

Makeup techniques that you once used when you were in your 20’s and early 30’s won’t work when you are over 50. However, you are never too old to use foundation brushes and look pretty. These are some of the tips that have been outlined for your precious skin glow, even when dark circles and wrinkles take over.

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1. Using a Primer

Use a primer to make your skin shiny. A primer acts as a wall between your skin and your mineral foundation makeup. Apply a thin layer on your face, while covering your eye lids in the process. A coating of primer on your eyelids will help your liner glide smoothly on the surface of the lid.

2. Avoid dark lip shades

The lighter the shade of lipstick you use, the better it is. Light pink shades and beige tones are better than rosette and brown ones. You can use dark shades if you have a lighter skin tone and plump lips. Dark lip shades contribute more to the aging factor in women. Use lip pencils to make the best of your look.

3. Hide fine lines through concealer

Fine lines and wrinkles cannot disappear by using lotions or any night cream. The only solution to it is to use appropriate concealer. Use some moisturizer first and then apply liquid concealer to dark, freckled and wrinkled areas. This will incur immediate benefits to your skin.

4. Your eyes should be the center of attention

Bring your eyes out by using eye pencils rather than eye liners. Eye liners can have a harsh effect on wrinkled skin. You can always use eye pencils, since they have a soft texture. Smudge the eye pencil with a brush or with the tips of your fingers for proper finishing.

Remember, there is nothing more attractive than a natural make over!

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