Information about DePuy Knee Replacement Lawsuits

Artificial knee implants are medical methods designed to give patients undergoing from knee pain or change with renewed movement and relief from pain, but in some states, knee implants fail early, showing the patient to destructive difficulties like chronic pain, loss of mobility and infection damages. 

When knee implants fracture, loosen or differently fail, the resulting outcomes can be destructive and costly for the victim and his or her family. Besides sometimes needing additional surgeries to repair the defective knee implant, patients with affected knee implants may also experience severe side effects like bone loss or disease, and may even experience their knee implant growing loose or separating. 

If you believe you have been unfavourably affected by side effects of a defective knee implant, contact a product liability lawyer to review your claims for legal support. For more information about knee replacement lawsuit, you can also visit

Alternatives for DePuy Artificial Knee Implants

In response to concerns about the risk of affected knee implant side effects, many victims are now watching for alternatives to total knee replacement surgery that may offer the identical or similar benefits, without the continued risk of complications. The following are some possible options to DePuy knee implants:

  • Specialised support to transfer weight from lower points in the knee where the cartilage is torn to areas where the cartilage is effective
  • Arthroscopy to ease out and cut away worn cartilage in the knee joint
  • Osteotomy to eliminate or add a wedge of bone to the tibia or femur, to change body weight of the injured portion of the knee joint. If you want to know more information about knee replacement surgery you can also visit
  • Cartilage transplantation to operation portions of the knee bone with fresh cartilage to portions of the knee where cartilage has been destroyed
  • Knee fusion (arthrodesis) to cut flat the edges of the femur and tibia and ensure them concurrently with pines, screws or plates

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