Important Facts About Thailand Property

Thailand has been growing in popularity as a destination for British property buyers. The nation’s incredibly beautiful coastal areas including the best-known names like Phuket and Ko Samui have enticed buyers in who also appreciated the comparatively lower prices and the nation’s good investment potential.

There have always been some questions hanging over the legal intricacies of purchasing property – since Thailand has a very distinct land and land ownership system in contrast to Europe, Australia or the US, for instance.

The law is rather complex but in summary, you should be aware that:

* The Thai law concerning land has always permitted and encouraged foreigners to purchase land in Thailand Рbut what you can not buy an island. if you want to get the more info about Property for rent and sale in Hua hin check out online websites.




* Do not think anyone who suggests there are ways of ‘getting around the law’. This is incorrect. This might have been true in the past but since the military coup of 2006, the government has gone to great lengths to make certain that the law is correctly upheld.

* Now there’s more rigorous interpretation of the rules concerning ownership of land through an organization. If a foreigner will run a business in Thailand then he can buy the freehold of the property through his Thai limited company. The property will be owned by the Thai Company, not from the person.

* The company has to be a legitimate enterprise and correctly installed under Thai law. You’ll have to seek advice from a qualified attorney as to the most appropriate structure to adopt.