How to Plan a Beach Wedding?

Destination weddings and beach weddings are the flavors of the season. A beach wedding can be simple, lovely and romantic. The sunsets and breezes can be a relaxed affair and make even the guests feel carefree and fun.


After deciding on the beach for your wedding there is some planning to be done for the wedding day-

  1. Depending on the weather at the beach decide the gown that you will wear on your wedding day. Let it be comfortable since there will be sand and salt water all around.
  2. You can serve the guests with refreshment drinks as it keeps them cool during the wedding.
  3. Plan the decorations and flowers as per the beach wedding theme.
  4. If the wedding is during a warmer month, make arrangements for fans or give personalized fans which will make the wedding memorable. You can also provide them elegant beach hats to keep them as memories.
  5. Choose a cake that holds the cream better in warm climates.
  6. Have a backup plan ready in case of bad weather. Shifting and transportation to an indoor facility should be a smooth affair.
  7. As the guests have descended to your wedding from far-off places, it would be great if you return them the favor by organizing a small outing or a fun-ride along the beach coast. You get the kombi van for hire in Byron Bay, so pack them in a classic kombi and let them have some hippie style beach fun.

Make your beach wedding a memorable one for you as well as the guests.

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