How To Make The Directional Cutting.

1. Put yourself straddled behind the tree, leaning your left shoulder against the trunk to find a stable position. The top side of the front must be facing in the direction of reduction. This way you will get the correct directional cutting because the handle of the saw is at the correct angle related to the blade of the saw.

2. First, make the top directional cut. Make sure your left thumb is still on the front handle, apply full throttle and strung the saw at an angle of approximately 60 degrees downward. The depth of the directional cut should be about ¼ – 1/5 of the trunk diameter. Start at a point high enough of the trunk, to leave space for the bottom directional cut.

3. Stay in the same position and make the bottom directional cut. Keep your left thumb around the front handle and give full throttle (check the throttle with your right thumb). Take the saw upwards at an angle of about 30 degrees and stop precisely when you reach the top cut, neither too long nor too short. It is very important that both cuts meet precisely so that the hinge can guide the tree all the way to the ground. While you are making the bottom cut you should keep an eye on the top cut to see when both cuts meet. If you did well you should get a perfect directional cut with an opening at 90 degrees.

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