How To Apply For A Fiance Visa

Possibly one of the very difficult and complex non-immigrant visas to obtain, not to mention emotionally challenging, is the fiance visa, or the K1 visa. The first step of the fiance visa procedure is the submission of the fiance visa petition by the United States citizen member of the couple. There are various supporting files that must be submitted, of which has to do with validating the existence of your relationship, lots. Before a request could be submitted to the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), but the United States citizen ordinarily is required personally meet with their foreign fiance for the process to go any further. It's quite difficult to qualify for any of these exceptions, although there are limited exceptions for this rule. After the request is accepted, the next step of the process can start in which the foreign fiance can then apply at a US embassy in their own state for a fiance visa.

Submitting the petition to the USCIS will require a terrific deal of advice that is personal from both the US citizen and foreign fiance. That is basically to establish income, your identities, and that any previous unions really unbind both parties. Keep in mind there will be medical examinations required to ensure there aren't any communicable diseases and that the foreign fiance has a clean bill of health. Embassy approved these assessments can be conducted by physicians, and also the results will soon be provided to be taken to the interview in a sealed envelope. Schedule the appointment and take care of any mandatory fees. The fees can be steep, and they need to be paid before the appointment for the interview can be produced.  Check out fiance visa help if you need help with your application.

Be sure to bring the necessary supporting documents to the fiance visa interview in the embassy. Other than a copy of any documents already submitted as part of the process, the supporting files taken to the interview and the medical files should include photos of the two of you together, phone bills, plane tickets, and other evidence of the relationship that is personal. You need to be prepared to answer tough questions when there is anything that gets your relationship suspect. These are matters that may challenge your compatibility as a couple, including the presence of important age differences, a language barrier, and the length of the actual relationship. You may choose to hire the services of an immigration lawyer who can assist you with all the details throughout the application process.

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