Healing Flowers for Your Garden

Can you imagine yourself swinging outside your home smelling the sweet scent of the flowers that are richly flowering? Isn't calming? Just seeing and getting a smell of flowers will give you calmness-a spiritual healing.

Across history and philosophies, we have seen how flowers are used for healing. You know what's the best thing? These gifts from Mother Nature can simply be grown-up in your garden. You can also look for Tower Garden seedlings and coolest garden ideas via Truegarden.

Some of the healing flowers for your garden are:


These flowers come typically in yellow and orange. The fire-colored flowers help in curing. Cream created from brightly colored calendulas is perfect for treating skin injuries and burns. A plus to this flower is that it is also eatable. It will give your salad a kick with its spiced and zesty tastes.

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When growing calendulas, they prefer a cooler atmosphere. You can care for them inside. But, always remember that any plant needs the sun for nourishment. It is recommended that you place them where they get sufficient sun and shadow.


From its roots to its leaves, dandelions are used to treatment various illnesses. Early folks use the leaves for remedial diseases. These are perfect for difficulties with gallbladders, kidneys, and skin among many other diseases.

Herbal healers use the origins for detoxification. Astonishingly, it can treat your hangovers. You should possibly stack up on these origins or better yet grow it in your backyard.

The dandelions are very adaptive to its situation. It can produce in almost anywhere. These vigorous flowers can also blossom in the summer and winter. You should make a well-fertilized and exhausted soil to produce healthy flowers that could last. You can also head over to truegarden to know more about gardening.


You guessed it right. The lotus came from China and some parts of Asia. It has been a used as a traditional curative plant. Say goodbye to cholesterol, high blood sugar, and diarrhea. Like dandelions, the lotus' roots promote curing. It is used to treatment of upset stomachs.

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