Different Pigeon Control Methods

Owls are natural predators and pigeons are fearful of them. This pure anxiety can be tapped and a life size statue of an owl can be set up on top a building to keep the pigeons away.

The biggest benefit of this technique is that, it’s very economical. The drawback of this is technique is that, though it’s effective, it provides only temporary relief in the pigeon issue. This is because the fake owl statue doesn’t move and pigeons soon recognize that it doesn’t pose any real threat to them. Apart from that, Get more additional info about Bird Problem Pigeons (which is also known as “นกพิราบปัญหานก” in the Thai language) through online websites.



2. Bird Spikes:

Bird spikes, which look like sharp needles are devices which are specifically designed to frighten away the pigeons and other insect pests. Pigeon spikes are easy to install. They cause great distress to pigeons and stop them form nesting. However, they provide only a temporary solution to the problem. The biggest drawback of using bird spikes is that, their setup can cause a substantial amount of damage to the house.

3. Bird Nets:

Bird nets made from nylon or fiber can be dispersed together with pins and screws over the house roof to trap the birds. It is among the most preferred pigeon management procedures. A significant drawback with this technique is that, the pigeons can peck the internet and break free. Therefore, it doesn’t provide a permanent solution.