All About Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are the devices that eliminate gas and vapor molecules out of sealed systems. There are three methods under which these pumps can be classified and they’re Positive Displacement pumps, Momentum Transfer pump (also called Molecular Pumps) and Entrapment Pumps including ion pumps, getters and cryopumps.

While positive displacement pumps are efficiently used for non vacuums, Molecular pumps, coupled with a couple of positive displacement pumps are utilized to achieve high vacuums. The entrapment pumps are powerful to reach ultra-high vacuums. An additional type of vacuum pump which has become popular within the past few years is Electric Oil Pump (which is also known as “ปั้มน้ำมันไฟฟ้า” in the Thai language).



The vacuum pumps are used in a number of industrial and scientific procedures which include-

– Composite Plastic molding procedures
– Driving few of the flight tools in aircraft without electric systems.
– Generation of electric lamps, CRTs, vacuum tubes, where the specific apparatus are abandoned evacuated or are re-filled with specific gas mixture
– Semiconductor processing
– Electron microscopy
– Uranium enrichment
– Ophthalmic coating
– clinical procedures requiring suction
– clinical applications such as radiosurgery, radiotherapy and radiopharmacy
– Detailed instrumentation to analyze liquid, solid, or gas and bio substances
– Mass spectrometers
– Vacuum coating on metals and plastics for decoration, glass which guarantee durability
– Tough coating in Formula One engines
– Milking machines and other equipments
– Removing all contaminants in the Air Conditioners’ system
– Sewage systems
– Freeze Drying
– Fusion Research

For the users, it’s utmost necessary to read the directions properly before using the vacuum pumps. No matter the type of vacuum pump you are using, Momentum Transfer pump or Edward’s pump, it ought to be recalled that the oil in the pump is the most crucial. So, having the pump to operate with limited or no oil is harmful as it may impair the pump. Leaking oil seals (if any) from the pumps should also be replaced without delay.