How to Choose the Correct Soy Wax for Making Soy Candles?

Soy polish is a veg wax created from soy beans, or even more properly, from the olive oil of soybeans. The petrol is extracted and cured in what’s called a hydrogenation process that turns essential fatty acids in the olive oil from an unsaturated to a saturated point out.

This alters the melting point of the engine oil and it acquires a good point out at room temps. If you want more information about the Soy wax candles, then check out online resources.

Characteristics of soy wax

  • It really is a renewable tool.
  • It really is neither harmful, nor carcinogenic.
  • It burns uniformly with a reliable fire; it also uses up cooler and slower than paraffin or gel polishes.

How exactly to buy soy wax?

Candle supply retailers sell soy polish in equipment form. Below are a few examples of what’s available.

  • Polish for votive and box candles available as polish beads.
  • Container wax mixes supplied filled with fragrance essential oil and coloring.
  • Para soy kits which contain an assortment of soy and paraffin polish.

You can purchase additives individually, for example:

  • Soy layered wicks
  • Soy dye potato chips
  • Candle moulds